10 Ways to Use Mobile Forms In Retail Stores

By Brian Harris


1. Vendor Relations

  • Maintain positive relations with your vendors by abiding by your contracts.
  • See that your vendors’ products are displayed according to the contract.
  • Pass on exceptions in real-time to vendors.

2. Asset Surveys

  • Regularly implement asset surveys to keep track of new soda machines, roller grills, and other important assets inside your stores.
  • Ensure that important items have been delivered and properly set up.

3. Capture Best Practices

  • Implement best practices by identifying exceptional aspects of a particular store’s operation and applying those practices across all locations.
  • Share best practices in real-time within your organization.

4. Cleanliness

  • Ensure your stores are meeting the standards of your organization.
  • Take pictures of areas that need addressing.
  • Use historical tracking & trending to see what stores are consistently performing well and which stores need addressing.

5. Price Accuracy

  • Track pricing execution in real-time.
  • Track rollout of promotional pricing across the country.

6. Maintenance Management

  • Identify and notify responsibilities parties of maintenance issue.
  • Use photos to capture issues for team members.
  • Lower unnecessary travel to stores by accurately communicating issue at hand.

7. Food Safety

  • Maintain the safety of food prepared on location.
  • Take temperatures of heated/cooled products.
  • Check that food preparation stations are clean and sanitary.

8. Location Appearance

  • Attract customers by presenting your locations well.
  • Capture photos for problems like graffiti, unkept lawns, and dirty storefronts.

9. Brand Standards

  • Maintain a high brand standard by ensuring that locations positively present your brand.
  • Make sure employees’ performance is up to standard, brand signs are properly displayed, and brand products are of good quality.

10. Workspace Safety

  • Ensure workplace safety guidelines are being followed.
  • Walkways maintained, Emergency exits clearly identified, and Anti-slip mats and flooring used where appropriate.

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