A Pizza Chain’s 3 Slices of Success

By Julia Burnett

pizza slice
Photo by The Pizza Review, on Flickr

If there’s one food that can be served very well or very badly, it’s pizza. The crust has to be just right, the toppings need to taste good and be evenly distributed, and higher quality needs to justify a higher price point.

A pizzeria’s three slices of success come down to quality, service and price. According to PMQ Pizza Magazine, it’s OK if a pizzeria can’t hit on all three, but offering the “absolute best” on two will make customers take notice.

You may think, “So, if I focus on service and price I don’t have to deliver on quality?” Of course, that’s not really the point. You can’t let your guard down in any one area and should strive to deliver on your brand’s standard of quality across your franchise.

For instance, if you’re operating a Pizza Hut, the mere mention of a salted pretzel crust stuffed with cheese might send a New York food critic running for the hills. Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, “quality” may be in the taste buds of the customer.

Daym Drops Knows What’s Up

Daymon “Daym” Patterson, otherwise known as Daym Drops, is someone who understands the three slices of a successful pizzeria. Big Daym creates viral video reviews of popular foods on his YouTube channel. In fact, one of his most-watched videos – 1.4 million views — is his review of Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep Dish Pizza, which rolled out in February.

Daym knows what’s important to his viewers, and he gets right to the point.

1. Quality

From the tomato sauce and cheese to the crust, Daym is all about flavor and execution. When a pizza brand tells him that the product is covered in bacon bits, he expects to see bacon bits when he first opens the box.

2. Service

He will also mention when service is good and when it’s not. For instance, he pointed out when Little Caesars advised him to purchase a combo meal and when they put a fresh pie in the oven for him rather than selling him one that had been sitting under the heat lamp.

3. Price

Daym often begins video with his receipt. He pointed out when a large pizza, beverage and tax from Pizza Hut cost more than $15.

While Daym’s flamboyant personality has made him a YouTube star, he is a customer just like everyone else. Quality is top-of-mind for him, followed by service, and price. He is willing to buy more for better-quality food, but if a brand fails in delivering the quality he expects, he doesn’t hold back in letting his viewers know.

A Tip for Takeout

The three slices of pizza success come down to regularly inspecting your pizza franchise. While a basic sales report can provide insights about pricing and promotions, it doesn’t provide a full picture of a brand’s execution on quality and customer service. Check out what’s going on in your stores on a regular basis, but especially when a new product launches.

Pizza is a staple of the American diet and demand is seemingly endless. Set the pie bar high, and you’ll reap the rewards.

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