Green Box and the Future of Pizza & Recycling

By Brian Harris


It’s no surprise that the American economy is headed towards a green-friendly industrial model. This growing green economy has sparked creative ways to sustainably package and distribute food and other products. The Green Box is an example of innovation in this space. It’s the self-declared “Swiss Army knife of pizza boxes” because it turns the box itself into four separate plates and also acts as a leftover container. Importantly, it cuts down on waste and saves precious resources like water.

Pizza and Going Green

Pizza is a mainstay of American society. Local pizza parlors are friendly places to pop into and get relatively cheap and hot meals. What makes pizza special is its role as the go-to meal for events that feature a large group of people. This includes birthday parties, office parties, graduations, and any corporate-sponsored events looking for a way to feed a lot of people on a budget.

Almost as iconic as the pizza is the pizza box. Think of the last party you attended where pizza was served. Wide-brimmed to fit the largest pies, boxes were stacked with accompanying plates. With the Green Box, however, the boxes fold out and turn into four cardboard plates made to fit a slice or two of pizza. No need to bring out paper plates (cutting recycle in half) or glass dishes (saving water needed to wash dishes).

The Benefits of Going Green

Going green for any company is a trending topic, and a good public relations decision that helps not only the image of a company, but also the customer relationship. Employers who show an interest and care in the environment engage in an international dialogue most recently on display at COP21, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

The message about climate change is clear: It’s real, and it’s a problem that boils down to everyday interactions between companies and customers. If you live in California like we do, you don’t need to be reminded how the drought this past summer limited employer resources and inconvenienced the everyday customer.

So what’s the impact of a pizza box anyway? Well if it’s true that 3 billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year (that’s nearly 19 pies per person per year), a simple packaging change could have a significant impact.

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