Hot off the Presses – The 2019 Restaurant Ops Report

By Vladik Rikhter

The race to win the loyalty and trust of customers in the restaurant industry is a team sport.  Victory is contingent upon chain operations leaders successfully passing the baton to the next team members (field and store employees) who will carry the brand through the final, most important leg of the competition — meeting the customer at the finish line.

Our recent survey of nearly 90 restaurant chain operators revealed that corporate brands and franchisee organizations are struggling with that all-important handoff to field and store staff who are failing to translate critical operations strategy into consistent, positive customer experiences.

Hot off the presses, the new 2019 Restaurant Ops Report now explores the top hurdles that prevent management from effectively rolling out brand standards, food-safety protocols, marketing promotions, and other key initiatives at the store level.  


The operations execution problems that the ebook dives into are by no means new.  Factors like physical distance, geography, and the sheer scale of an operation have always conspired to prevent HQ from keeping tabs on locations, communicating in real time with remote staff, and ultimately holding people accountable for their performance.   

But, leading brands are starting to achieve a step-function change in their quest to achieve operations execution excellence.  This new research ebook puts a spotlight on trends, evolving best practices, how technology is being applied to break through these hurdles, and where restaurant operators see the greatest potential for improving operational efficiency and customer experiences over the next 12 months.

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