New Web App Design Supports Mobility

By Julia Burnett

Today we are happy to announce the release of our updated web app design! The purpose of the redesign is to ensure that users have a consistent and positive experience with Zenput, no matter if they use the web app on their computer, tablet, iPad or phone.

image (2)

The design update was inspired by a significant increase in the number of users that access the web app through their mobile device. Exactly a year ago 18% of all web app users accessed Zenput through their mobile device. Today that number has grown to a whopping 30%. In order to best fit the needs of our increasingly mobile clients, the new design is catered to provide a seamless experience across all technology platforms.

The updated and intuitive design pivots around a new and easy-to-use side menu. From the side menu there is now a more natural flow through the product. Users can effortlessly create forms, analyze and share data, and formulate reports with a few simple clicks.



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