How a Leading Petroleum Supplier Delivers Great Customer Experiences

By Rob Shell

Case Study

Timewise has consolidated its operational procedures into Zenput, helping create consistency at each of their 220 locations. Here’s how.

With over 37 years in the industry, Timewise understands the ins and outs of running a large convenience store operation. Their management knew that to be successful, they needed to consistently follow the operational procedures that they designed so that they can always deliver great customer experiences at every one of their 200 locations.

But with an outdated disconnected system of paper forms and checklists, phone calls, emails, and texts to communicate and track these operating procedures, consistency across the board was evasive.

That’s why they turned to Zenput, that saves managers time on manual administrative tasks, gives Timewise’s management real-time insights into how their teams are performing, and a central place to manage the execution of core operating procedures such as brand standards, store cleanliness, marketing and promotions, gas prices changes, and more.

“Zenput has totally changed how we run our business. We’ve gotten many of our different departments involved in it too, so this has become a central platform for operating our stores.”- Gary Rasmussen, Director of Training.

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