How CPG Rebate Verification Grows Your Brand

By Vladik Rikhter

CPG (consumer packaged goods) rebate verification works a lot like the “gold star” system in grade school. When retailers are compliant and correctly execute the program the CPG company rewards these retailers with a monetary incentive. Both the retailers and CPG company benefit from improved sales.

Here is what a field merchandising rep should be looking for verifying a CPG rebate:

  1. Are the correct SKUs set up according to planogram?
  2. Are promotional displays set up correctly?

No free lunch: Of course, these two items should be part of the rebate agreement. Did a retailer actually meet sales and volume criteria by following the planogram? Is there enough product available, and is the facing correct?

When done correctly, CPG rebate verification programs will save your organization the money and time critical to growing your brand.

3 Advantages of digitizing CPG verification for rebate programs:

  1. Eliminates the “middle men” of paper sheets and Excel. There are no duplication of efforts in recording notes, taking photos, and sharing them with your team. All of this information is collected on a central platform.
  2. Easily verifies time and place. Mobile platforms use GPS location and timestamp, ensuring that your team knows when and where these photos were taken.
  3. Quickly generates reports with actionable results. The right program helps you work smarter, not harder. Ideally, you can set the system to alert you of exceptions.

Remember: You know best when it comes to your brand! The CPG company needs its own process for verifying that retailers are reaching sales and volume criteria according to the agreed upon terms—the methods that are best for your growth.

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