How Domino’s Plans to Stay Ahead

By David Mostovoy


While other pizza chains struggle, Domino’s is thriving (Over 1300% stock price increase since IPO in 2004). That’s the subhed of this story on investment site The Motley Fool. Shares of Domino’s Pizza jumped more than 11% in October, according to data by S&P Global Market Intelligence. The pizza chain jumped 13% in same-store sales in the third quarter, making it the 22nd consecutive quarter of positive growth for its U.S. business. Domino’s is making bank, too, with net income rising to 24.8% year over year to $47.2 million in the third quarter.

We’ve already discussed what Domino’s is doing right in tech. Through an array of digital platforms, customers can quickly and efficiently place an order. In fact, more than 50% of Domino’s business comes from digital orders, compared to about 20% for the industry as a whole.

Those who have followed Domino’s transformation during the past couple of years know their success is not luck or coincidence. They’re a company that has invested heavily in technology and marketing, and realized how the two go hand-in-hand. Moreover, Domino’s has its operations down to a science, from the Pizza Tracker once an order is placed, to delivery. Combine that with a revamped and innovative menu, and Domino’s has created a recipe for success.

It’s also worth noting that Domino’s recently made history when it completed the first commercial pizza delivery by drone in New Zealand. The company is excelling in overseas markets as well, with same-store sales rising 6.6%—an impressive 91st consecutive quarter of international comps growth.

What Comes Next

When you’re experiencing the kind of success Domino’s is seeing, it can be tempting for a company to rest on its laurels. Complacency is one of the most dangerous states for a brand. Domino’s has avoided this by continually innovating in not only what customers can see, but also what they can’t see.

Domino’s franchises are using Zenput to maintain high customer satisfaction standards, food safety, and quality. Zenput mobile solution provides Domino’s the ability to audit operations, labor activities, and cash uses. Zenput is also a real-time notification tool that enables two-way communication between stores and management. For instance, Zenput can be used to audit vehicle inspections, request maintenance or supplies, and communicate customer or property incidents. From the top-down, senior district managers can use Zenput to assign tasks to his/her stores and track compliance among those locations. Domino’s has even used Zenput for customer care phone audits.

All of these components are part of customer service, and exceptional customer service—quite simply delivering a hot pizza to a hungry customer in time—is what will continue to set Domino’s apart from the competition. And Zenput plans to continue providing the real-time insights that will help Domino’s improve its business decisions.

To learn more about how one of the largest Domino’s operators uses Zenput to manage daily tasks and improve store productivity, download the case study.

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