How the Largest US Domino’s Franchisees Improved Food Prep Management

By Joe Skupinsky

food prep

Food Safety. It’s a hot topic amongst operators in the foodservice industry, and for good reason. With one single foodborne illness outbreak, a fast-casual establishment could lose up to $2.1 million. Even with so much on the line, our recent survey revealed that only 50% of restaurant operators are confident in their ability to identify food safety concerns before they become a serious issue.

Domino’s largest US franchisee, RPM Pizza, has always recognized the importance of maintaining a strong food safety record at each of their 180+ locations. RPM’s Operations Development Director, Stephanie Siegwald, understands that a critical aspect of staying ahead of food safety issues is around food prep labeling and the management of expired products.

The manual labeling and tracking within Excel spreadsheets of food expiration details caused several potential issues due, mostly, to human error. This outdated method also created major struggles and delays when new products were introduced — RPM Pizza would have to send out an excel file to each of their 180+ locations and rely on the store to download the file and update the store product list.

RPM Pizza turned to Zenput Labels, an automated and hassle-free way for store employees to accurately and clearly print critical dates at every step of the food preparation process. Removing the element of human error from the updating of product lists, calculation of expiration dates, and unclear labeling ensures the removal of products at the proper times, creating better food safety practices.

“Zenput labels allows us to easily update the product lists across all our stores. The labels are easy to read, and the app is really intuitive.”
– Stephanie Siegwald, Operations Development Director at RPM Pizza

Check out the full case study for more details on why RPM Pizza made the switch to Zenput Labels and the improved results they’ve experienced since.

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