Mobilizing Your Workforce: The Next Frontier for C-Stores

By Cassie Ebinger

digital disruption

From mobile apps to social media, mobile technology has undoubtedly changed how convenience stores interact with customers. But how can mobile technology also change the way c-stores handle internal operations?

Considering that nearly 80% of U.S. adults now own a smartphone, employees bring mobile technology to work every day. Smartphone adoption rates are continuing to increase, and age is no longer seen as a barrier to learning new technology. Because of widespread mobile adoption and their employees’ familiarity with it, a growing number of c-store operators are opting to take advantage of the benefits mobile technology can offer, and the ease with which they can implement it.

The benefits of implementing mobile technology can range from marginal day-to-day cost savings to significant brand image improvements. Below are three of the top short-term and long-term impacts that organizations going mobile recognize.

Short-Term Impacts

  1. Less paper, lower costs – Immediately after implementation, companies see cost savings in two areas: paper supplies and administrative labor.
  2. Faster answers – Companies can gather both store and field-level information, giving them the most-up-to-date information in real-time.
  3. Improved customer satisfaction – The ability to respond to issues faster directly affects a customer’s experience at a brand’s store.

Long-Term Impacts

  1. Greater efficiency – With analytics and trend analysis, managers can identify signs of a struggling store and fix those problems before they affect the store and company’s performance.
  2. Increased accountability – Features such as geolocation, time stamps, and photos allow managers to ensure that their employees are completing important work on time and up to standard.
  3. Improved brand standards – Insights can be used to understand inconsistencies and resolve them, making it easier for brands to deliver the same customer experience across all locations.

In the end, a convenience store operator’s goal is to create a positive and consistent customer experience across every location. With mobile technology, convenience stores can move faster, eliminate inefficiencies, and increase accountability across the board. Download our white paper, Mobilizing Your Workforce: The Next Frontier for C-Store Retailers for more information, including use-cases and what operators should consider before investing in mobile.

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