NACS 2018 – Join Us in Las Vegas

By Cassie Ebinger

Official Exhibitor

NACS 2018 is right around the corner! Since its founding in 1961, NACS has brought together top convenience and fuel retailers in the industry — This year is no different, as they expect over 23,000 people to attend. It should be an exciting week in Las Vegas, especially with the growing success the convenience industry continues to experience.

According to a 2018 survey NACS recently conducted, convenience store sales were up in the first half of 2018. Many of these sales can be attributed to in-store purchases, so U.S. convenience store owners are looking to capitalize on this uptick by offering additional fresh and healthy items. This is likely not surprising for industry veterans given that fresh, convenient food has been a hot topic over the past few years. This, however, can not be the sole focus for c-store owners.

“Fresh salads and smoothies, along with burgers and fries, seem to be the big winners so far in 2018—the full spectrum of pleasure food vs. healthy options,” Landhope Farms’ Dennis McCartney told NACS.

In an age where variety is paramount, there’s an expectation that your local convenience store offers well-rounded options for both food and beverage. However, keeping up with stores that offer a high variety of items is an operational challenge. Success hinges on the ability to deliver a great experience to each customer that walks through every one of their doors.  That’s why operators invest heavily in developing the right operating procedures and food safety measures, and carefully plan the roll-out of new promotions and other initiatives.  

But, the reality is outdated approaches to communicating the things that are important and tracking store compliance against them create significant hurdles to running a tight operation across many stores spread-out geographically. These concerns, among others, are enough to drive thousands of operators to this year’s NACS Show. They’ll be looking not only for new foodservice equipment, but also for ways to drive operational efficiencies. This is where new, mobile-based technologies like Zenput will play a crucial role.

Zenput offers an easy-to-use platform with tools that help assign tasks, track them and improve stores over time, from daily store audits, to food safety checklists, to chain-wide rollouts. And at this year’s NACS Show, we’ll be exhibiting with some of our latest features for foodservice operators.

If you’re looking to gain more actionable insights into your stores, come visit us at booth #6209 in the Central Hall. We’d love to chat with you!

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