OpsX in Action with RPM Pizza

By David Mostovoy

With over 180 locations in 5 states, RPM Pizza, the largest Domino’s franchisee in the US, knows that maintaining a consistent experience at every location is tough work. In order to achieve that, RPM recognized the importance of executing their operational procedures like food safety, marketing promotions, brand standards, and employee training. 

But with an outdated system of paper forms, communicating what needed to be done, following up on issues when they arose, and getting insights into store performance was near to impossible. 

In this video, we tag along with the RPM Pizza team to see how they use Zenput to achieve operational excellence and create consistent customer experiences at their stores. 

Want to learn more? Join our September 4th webinar, where we’ll be joined by RPM Pizza’s COO, John Richards, and Zenput’s CEO, Vladik Rikhter. John and Vladik will discuss how RPM is using Zenput to elevate team execution across its stores, which has translated into a real impact on customer experience: 32% decrease in repeat violations, 21% increase in 4 and 5 stars. 

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