Zenput’s integration with Dropbox

By Vladik Rikhter

With the integration of Dropbox into Zenput’s mobile data collection services, forms submitted by your mobile users can now instantly appear in your Dropbox account.

A couple of quick notes: (1) For this process to be successful, you must already have a Dropbox account (or sign up for one before beginning this process); (2) only the account owner (the person that signed up your company to use Zenput) can create this Dropbox link.

Set up Dropbox in two simple steps.

1. Link your Zenput and Dropbox accounts

Once you’re logged into Zenput, click on the “Company Settings” drop-down menu item, which you can access by clicking on your username in the top right of the browser window. Again, note that only the account Owner (the person that signed your company up for Zenput service) will be able do this.

revised company settings


Then click on the “Activate” button and follow the Dropbox instructions.


3rd party integrations shot

Once you’ve completed the Dropbox instructions, you can select which Zenput forms you want to add to Dropbox.

2. Select the forms you want to start sending to Dropbox

Open any of your forms (click on “Forms”–>”Open”) and click on the form title. Then check the Send to Dropbox form.

 Select option


For all forms that your users submit in the future, the submitted form will appear in your dropbox account, in the “Zenput” sub-folder within the “Apps” folder. Reports will appear within sub-folders with the name of the particular form submitted.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

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