4 Tips You Need to Create a Retail Storage Evaluation

By Julia Burnett

As a store owner, you need to ensure that your retail space is stocked properly and safely so that your team can provide essential products to your customers. Creating a Retail Storage Evaluation for your team to fill out regularly is a great way to ensure efficiency. In this blog post, we are going to outline 4 key elements you need to create a successful Retail Storage Evaluation.

storage area form on phone1) Safety Check
First and foremost, you need to make sure that your storage area is safe. Are boxes stacked biggest to smallest and at a safe height? Are the shelves sturdy? Consistently send out an evaluation with safety checks and standards to your employees. You’ll experience two benefits in doing so. First, your standards for safety will be better understood by your staff; and second, because of clear expectations, your storage area will be much safer.

2) Keep it organized
At one point or another, we’ve all used a quick fix, hoping to appear organized. Whether that’s shoving dirty clothes under your bed, or stuffing your closet with junk. No one is immune. Although the room might look cleaner and more organized, it’s really not sustainable.

The same concept applies for your retail storage area. You could have a wonderfully organized store, but if products are jammed haphazardly in storage, you are not doing anyone a service. Finding products takes longer, which can frustrate both you, your team, and your customers.

So on your evaluation, make sure to include questions that follow your organizational plan. That could be anything from “the shoe boxes are organized from smallest to largest” to “shoes are kept separate from clothing”. Be firm with your plan and expectations.

3) Cleanliness Matters
How you take care of and clean your storage area is directly reflected in your store and products. If your storage area is dirty, smelly, and crammed, your customers will notice. Products on the shelf can be dusty, stinky, or even damaged. You don’t want that!

In order to make sure that the storage area is kept clean, create questions on your survey regarding cleanliness. Is the floor swept? Is there any standing water? Are the shelves dusted? Keep it tidy, and your customers will notice.

4) Pictures
Pictures are the fastest way to see if shelves are safe, organized, and clean. That being said, don’t make your entire form a collage of photos.To really understand the whole story behind your store, we recommend a healthy blend of photos and data-driven questions.

We know running a retail space is difficult, and keeping track of all the details in a storage room can be especially challenging . So keep your life simple! Follow our tips and you’ll find that collecting information about your retail storage space will never been easier.

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