Case Study: KFC Uses Zenput to Create a Consistent Customer Experience

By Joe Skupinsky

KFC Case Study

Of the Top 25 restaurant chains in America, KFC stands out as the brand with the longest history. It’s also a brand that now faces aggressive competition in the chicken restaurant category. Multiple fast-food players and also major fast-casual restaurants are competing with the Colonel’s original recipe. When KFC wanted to up its game, it turned to Zenput’s mobile solution.

Ensuring the quality of fried chicken and a consistent customer experience were KFC’s top priorities when the brand began using Zenput’s mobile task management platform last year. Prior to Zenput, managers were looking to do more than just fill out current forms on a mobile device; they wanted the ability to schedule audits and tasks, automatically communicate and resolve issues, and track work to get insights.

That’s when they found in Zenput. The platform allows them to instantly schedule work at the field and store level, configure automated corrective actions when issues are found, track the work to ensure completion, and analyze the data to uncover areas for improvement.

Time saved on administrative tasks has been redirected to what matters most—the customer experience and the final product. Using Zenput, KFC franchisees have implemented a structured food preparation process and verified execution with regular audits, including photos and temperature readings. As outlined in a newly published case study, KFC’s implementation of Zenput is paying off with fewer customer complaints.

Want to know the average time KFC operators save by using Zenput and how much their chicken quality failures decreased? Download the KFC case study here to learn more.

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