How a Major C-store Retailer Used Zenput to Unlock Hidden Potential

By Scott Hill


Communication and time efficiency. They can set your organization apart from the competition, or they can prove to be your Achilles’ heel.

How much does your organization value communication?

An equally important question: How much do you value your organization’s time?

Many organizations settle into processes where they accept the status quo of their operations. “Well, it’s always taken this long to verify a promotion, so this is the way it has to be. Thanks in advance for your patience!”

In our experience, so many organizations fail to realize that they don’t have to settle. Cost-cutting and revenue-driving opportunities are achievable now just by making a few simple changes in the way you utilize your existing mobile technology.

Mapco Inc. valued communication and time efficiency enough to change how they used their existing network. It was a significant, yet manageable, change for a convenience store organization with 375 locations spanning eight states.

Before Zenput, it took too long for Mapco’s senior management team to get actionable answers from store-level managers. That was the central communication problem. Executing a routine task, such as rolling out a new product or promotion, would take an average of two to four weeks. The delay in gaining actionable insights was Mapco’s time problem.

Once Zenput was implemented, the missing data was no longer a problem. Mapco slashed operations costs and expanded the platform’s use throughout the organization, from district managers down to store-level managers. As a result, the time it took to gain actionable insights steadily improved.

Instead of waiting for district managers to visit stores, Mapco gave its store managers access to Zenput through their mobile devices. The result was 100 percent compliance in as little as two days.

Notably, Mapco did not have to order new mobile devices for their employees, nor did they have to engage in time-consuming training programs. Zenput’s platform was nimble and easy to use, and provided a centralized place to prioritize the tasks at hand.

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