Mobile Reporting – Directly From Your Workers to Your Spreadsheet

By Vladik Rikhter

We’ve had two articles featured in large publications recently.

First, GigaOM published our article for its 5.5 million tech readers about the future of enterprise mobility. We talked about how mobile devices allow better information exchange and more individualized communication with employees.

Zenput customers, of course, are already doing this. Our customers are using mobile forms to report from stores, bars and clubs, pharmacies and more. We’re eliminating the manual data entry associated with collecting data in many locations. But we’re doing more than that – we’re helping companies identify sales and operations trends in real-time. They can address issues when they arise, rather than trying to fix things after monthly sales misses.

Second, we had a separate article published in Retail Merchandiser’s blog that drills down on specifically how retailers and suppliers can improve operations and execution using the smartphones of their employees or reps.

Many corporate execs are only now beginning to realize the usefulness of their store managers’ iPhones and Android devices as powerful reporting devices to ensure compliance with company-wide initiatives. Similarly, suppliers can use their reps or contractors’ smartphones to make sure their products end up on the correct shelves, displayed and priced correctly.

Check out our articles and let us know what you think!

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