NRF 2019 Recap

By Cassie Ebinger


This week’s National Retail Federation Conference brought together over 38,000 attendees from around the world. The transformation of the retail industry was this year’s focus — Across the many sessions throughout the week, two topics seemed to rise above them all. Customer experience and technology.

Focus on the Customer

Jeff Gennette, CEO of Macy’s, pointed out that “every retailer needs to be maniacally focused on their customer journey.” Creating lifelong customers is dependent on consistently meeting their expectations at every point of contact with your company. This can be an extremely difficult challenge, especially for brands with many locations spread across the world.

Because of this, top operators must invest heavily in developing the right operating procedures as well as the tools that help to roll these out.

Focus on Technology

Top retailers discussed the importance of using different technologies to achieve different goals. In addition to new and innovative customer facing technologies (ie. robotics, automatic check-out, etc.), employee facing technology was also a hot topic.

Executives understand that enabling employees with the right technologies is great way to empower employees, increase accountability, and improve retention. Adopting solutions like Zenput for executing day-to-day work is becoming a crucial part of any retail business. Operations Execution Platforms help operations leaders collaborate more effectively with employees in the field and their stores to create better customer experiences and improve store performance.

It was an exciting week with great insights for retailers of any kind. For more information and insights shared during the conference, visit the National Retail Federation’s 2019 recap.

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