OpsX Playbook Series Part 1 of 5: Brand Standards

By David Mostovoy

Zenput’s 2019 Restaurant Ops Report explored key findings from our survey of restaurant chain operators. We found that corporate brands and franchisee organizations are struggling with that all-important handoff to field and store staff who are failing to translate critical operations strategy into consistent, positive customer experiences.

Coming out of this report, we continued to interview key ops leaders and through the research and pro tips collected, created The Restaurant Operations Execution Playbook. In this eBook, we explore the five core pillars of operations execution (brand standards, food safety, marketing & promos, employee training & performance, and incident management) and share winning strategies for each.

In part one of our five part OpsX Playbook blog series, we dive into pillar #1 – Brand Standards.

Creating a successful restaurant chain is hard – it takes many moving pieces, hard work, and dedicated people. One of those critical moving pieces is maintaining high brand standards at every one of your stores by creating a positive and consistent image of your brand that keeps customers coming back for more. But how do you do that?

In our new Operations Execution (OpsX) Playbook, we’ve compiled three critical “plays”, just like the plays in a football playbook, that restaurant operators can follow to successfully maintain high brand standards.

Although the concept is clear, the execution of brand standards across the restaurant industry seems to be lacking. In a recent survey conducted by Zenput, restaurant operators report that only one in five stores say they’re compliant with core procedures and brand standards.

What happens in the rest of the stores? Issues around cleanliness, food safety, incorrect signage, employee training, and general customer experience pop up regularly.

Here’s a sneak peek at the three plays for Brand Standards. Download the full playbook for the detailed plays and the other four pillars of OpsX.

Play 1: Know what makes your restaurant’s brand unique and communicate internally how this is linked to maintaining strong brand standards and core operating procedures.

Play 2: Set time limits after an issue is identified.

Play 3: Achieve consistency around brand standards by empowering employees to become brand advocates.

Interested to learn more? Download the OpsX Playbook today!

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