OpsX Playbook Series Part 2 of 5: Food Safety

By Cassie Ebinger

What is a customer’s number one concern when going to a restaurant? Likely – food safety. With just one exposed food safety incident, a brand’s image can be damaged. That’s why restaurant operators invest so much in developing food safety procedures at their stores to mitigate these risks.

But are restaurant operators aware of food safety problems at their stores? According to Zenput’s 2019 Restaurant Ops Report, only 50% of restaurant operators are confident in their ability to identify food safety concerns before they become an issue.

And what about those food safety procedures that operators implement? Only 26% of operators report that audits are performed “very effectively”. Turns out, some operators are struggling with that all-important handoff to field and store staff, who are failing to translate critical food safety procedures into consistent, positive customer experiences.

In our new Operations Execution Playbook, we explore the five core pillars of operations execution (brand standards, food safety, marketing & promos, employee training & performance, and incident management) and share winning strategies for each.

For Pillar #2, Food Safety, we get tips from the largest Domino’s franchisee, RPM Pizza, and identify the two plays to execute on critical food safety procedures. Here’s a sneak peek of the plays for food safety.

Play 1: Define and document your auditing process.

Play 2: Continually check the pulse of the key components of food safety: Supply Chain, Food Storage & Handling, Store & Kitchen Cleanliness, and Proper Labeling & Expiration.

Download the full playbook for the detailed plays and a complete look at the four other pillars of OpsX.

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